Dear friend, “RotASHOPPING” is a Project that is born after 60 years of coexistence of US and Rota communities, a unique model of integration resulting in an enriching experience for both communities, with cultural, social, musical and gastronomic influence.

“RotASHOPPING” will serve as a platform for the commercialization of products and services in Rota, which are bound to this local influence of exchange.

A new Local PBrand, “Havvashop”, is born within this Project as well, which picks the essence os this model of coexistence and is thought to promote and share what joins us together.

“Havvashop” goes beyond a simple local Brand. Each product of this package reflects the spirit of understanding, coexistence and tolerance successfully promoted by both communities for 60 years in a small town called Rota.